Digital Frauds

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Digital Frauds

Internet Fraud happens all over the Internet and Fraudsters use various approaches and innovative tricks to cheat people and Wipe Out their Bank Accounts. However, we will be seeing the most common frauds that are happening around the world.

a) Phishing and Email Scam

In this Method, Fraudster will usually try to Steal Your Bank Details. The Fraudster can Mail You Content that Legitimately looks like a Genuine Company or Bank and will Ask You Sensitive Information such as Bank Accounts Details. This Email usually Contains a Link or Attachment that leads further to Scam.

b) Online Shopping Fraud

Fraudster intends to call a large number of Traffic to their fake online shopping portal. They Display Attractive Deals and Offers with Cheapest Price but with no refund policies, they lure visitors into Entering their Bank Details and thus resulting in Placing Order. And Usually, Either No Product is Delivered or Fake Product is Delivered.

c) Identity Theft

In this case, Fraudster uses your Personal Information and can act legitimately and apply for Personal Loan, Credit Card but in the name of Yours. And Only You will be Responsible for Repayment of that Loans. Fraudsters can also create Fake Social Media Account of Your Name.

d) Lottery Frauds

Lottery fraud is one of the top three internet frauds in India. Under lottery fraud, fraudsters will call you or send fraudulent emails and messages stating you have won a lottery worth rupees some crore. To receive the lottery amount, they will ask you to transfer money online in the name of tax.  In some cases, you will even be told to pay money by visiting fake websites. When making contact with such websites, all your card details will be stolen.

e) Matrimonial Frauds

In the current busy lifestyle, most people prefer using online matrimonial sites to find their life partners. But, the bad part of this is that thousands of people lose lakhs of money while finding their life partners. Fraudsters include innocent people by creating fake profiles. In this fraud, fraudsters first make you believe that they are legitimate. Once the trust is gained, money is looted.

f) Tax Scams

This fraud normally takes place during the tax season when taxpayers will be waiting for their tax refunds. Fraudsters send fake refund SMSes or emails to taxpayers claiming that they are from the income tax department. They have the intention to collect your personal information like login details of the IT Department website, bank details, and so on. Later, to receive your refund money, you will be asked to provide your sensitive bank information.

g) Frauds on OLX

Frauds on OLX have become most common and many people lost their money from buying and selling products on OLX. This normally takes place in OLX Website where fraudsters act as Army personnel and post their ads on the website. Fraudsters use stolen IDs of army personnel and make people trust them. They collect the amount from the buyer for their advertised product but they will never deliver that product. The goodwill of armed forces is used inappropriately by fraudsters to cheat people’s hard-earned money.

h) Social Media Frauds

Cyberbullying has now become one of the biggest social media frauds and many teenagers have fallen prey to it. There are many other social media frauds like Facebook Friend Fraud.

UDS LABS is a Data Security Firm, we provide assistance in all your problem regarding securing your Data. Our Aim is to Minimise much Cyber Crimes by Providing you Awareness Digitally.

UDS LABS is a Data Security Firm, we provide assistance in all your problem regarding securing your Data. Our Aim is to Minimise much Cyber Crimes by Providing you Awareness Digitally.

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