Android Safety Tips

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Android Safety Tips

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How to Secure Your Android Phone

Today’s Smartphone has become a Tool to Define Us, almost everything related to you can be found in your smartphone. Losing your smartphone or data breach can be very dangerous if not being careful. So there is a Need to Secure your Android Phone.

1) Do Not Save All Your Passwords

Avoid Saving any Sensitive Information in your phone, and think once as having your phone on someone’s end will lead your data to be compromised.

2) Use Android in-Built Security

You can Enable Screenlock with Pins, Patterns, and passwords to enhance your Security. Newer Phones even provide Face lock that runs on Face ID and Fingerprint Lock that are more difficult to crack than the Normal Security.

3) Lock Your Apps

This is a Second Additional Layer that you should apply to the Apps which contains Information that you want to hide from Outsiders. Also, use Wellknown Apps to add Applock, otherwise, there is also a legitimate-looking app locker that provides you lock but in fact, they also do steals your information for their purposes.

4) Watch out for App Permissions

Every app comes with its set of permission, which you will come to know when installing from the play store, it first shows the list of permission that it needs to work on your device. So keep an eye on the App Permission, and it should not demand other permission that it doesn’t need.

5) Avoid Public Wifi or Network

Always Know that Public Wi-Fi is not at all safe. Anyone can capture current transaction when you do that while on Public Wifi. So always prefer your phone internet or Hotspot to carry out any Financial Activities.

6) Use Mobile Security Apps

It is better to have Antivirus or Security Apps on your phone to make them take care of your phone. But Beware there are even Fraudulent Antiviruses, so always check Ratings and Review and read for Experts Opinion and its Arrival in the Market.

7) Create Guest Account

When You don’t want your data to be accessed by your siblings/friends/relatives, Android provides an additional feature to create a Guest Account on Your Phone. When in Guest Mode, no one can able to carry out tasks that are restricted to Guest. It will Separate Guest from Admin.

8) Backup helps

It’s important to Backup your Data Regularly, even your phone gets corrupted or stolen, it will help you to restore your Backup Data Anytime and on any devices.

9) Find Your Lost Device

Modern Days Phone provides an inbuilt app “Find my Phone”. Don’t worry even you lost any of your phones. This is used to Find the Device Location via GPS. Even when your GPS Location is Off, you can remotely turn it On and Track it.

10) Enable Remote Wipe

Even when your phone got in the hands of a robber, you are worried about your data. Don’t Worry, using a feature, you can wipe your whole phone in 1 click. This will hugely help you in the worst cases.

11) Stay Up-to-Date with Latest Security Patches

If you are on the latest phones, the company usually sends you OTA Update to strengthen your Security based on Google. This will help you stay safe from any unwanted things that can enter into your Phone.

12) Secure Your Accounts with 2FA

It is very important to keep your account safe from prying eyes. Even there may be some people that may try to keep entering passwords unless they access your account. Today various Platforms provides an Additional Security Layer named Two Factor Authentication. Due to it, even anyone attempts to crack your real password, Two Factor Authentication doesn’t let him/her to with your Account. It will send Security Code to your Registered Mobile Number which can help you to log in to your account safely.

13) Say No to Root

Most People take the Path to Root their Phone. However, Rooting is very Risky and it can void your Phone’s Warranty. There is also a small chance that your mobile will get hard brick means it will no longer work. However, it will become much easier for a Hacker to Hack the Rooted Phones. So Stay away from Rooting your Phone.

14) Turn off Your Unknown Sources Install

Installing Apps that are not available on an official app store requires you to Turn On Unknown Sources or 3rd Party Installation. However, it also carries potential danger consisting of adware, spyware, or trojan horses. If the app not available on the Official Store, Prefer the Official Website that provides you Hassle-Free Security.

15) Cracked Applications

The majority of people go for cracked or modded application when they find the Original App at a price. Some apps may come with a Danger with them and can be attached to a virus.

16) No Easy to Guess Password

Don’t Use your Date of Birth, Mobile Number, or any type of ID in your Password. And Make a password with a Combination of Upper and Lower Cases with Special Symbols and Characters and Numbers to make it difficult to Crack.

17) Avoid Same Passwords throughout Platforms

Many People use the same mistakes by creating one password while using it on every other platform. However, if one password is known to a Hacker mistakenly, they can wipe all your accounts from every other website you have accounts on.

18) Shop on Secure Sites

Due to E-commerce came into existence, it has become a popular platform for mobile users too. However, due to this, fraudsters use such practices aiming to steal user’s address or card details. They Create Shopping Platforms that look the same exactly as the Original Platform. What is different between them is SSL Encryption and URL Name. Always remember to shop on sites that have SSL Protection with them (Easily Identifiable with “HTTPS” in URL). SSL ensures that your data is safe and no one can steal it.

19) Adapt New Phones with the Market

Google is now restricting users to use newer android or at least android that supports enhanced security with day to day needs. Due to the Regular Needs, Whatapp doesn’t work on Jellybean and Below Android Version due to Security Concerns.

20) Limit Your Screen

Google Android provide a Feature that allows the user to show what they want on their Lockscreen. This is usually an important feature for those who have always been running Financial or Any Important Transactions.

UDS LABS is a Data Security Firm, we provide assistance in all your problem regarding securing your Data. Our Aim is to Minimise much Cyber Crimes by Providing you Awareness Digitally.

UDS LABS is a Data Security Firm, we provide assistance in all your problem regarding securing your Data. Our Aim is to Minimise much Cyber Crimes by Providing you Awareness Digitally.

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