Why there is a need to Guide Cyber Security to College Students

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Youngers especially College Students are actively busy nowadays over the Internet. However, as the Internet is not safe nowadays, there is also a need to protect yourself and be safe. This Blog will help you be safe and protected at all times and contains some precautionary measures.

College Students Become Primary Target for Data Theft

Due to Incomplete Knowledge, 50% of the Youngster find the Internet a Chilling Zone, either they invest their time with Social Media, Dating Zone, or Betting Apps. But without the needed knowledge, they already have become a Target of Hacker, they don’t know this either without Knowing the Consequences. While they don’t even concerned about their Security, they became the prime targets to get hacked.

According to the Education Department, it is told that 50% of students aren’t careful about their paper documents that contain sensitive information. This becomes the Reason, they won’t able to Judge even the Links sent to them by Third Party that looks Legitimate but in Actual, it’s not. Thus Become Targets.

Privacy Tips for being Safe

1) Regularly Check Bank Statements:

It is said that Smart Hackers doesn’t usually deduct any Amount immediately after gaining access to the Victim’s Account. They deduct some amount such that to not raise suspicion activity towards them. So keep a Habit of Checking and Monitor Your Bank Account Daily. The use of Google Pay or other UPI Apps helps you to check them with ease and effortlessly without going through the doors of the Bank.

2) Back Up Your Data Frequently:

Hackers or Fraudsters use Online Tracers which might get installed on your System or your Phone as soon as you surf Infected Link. Later, use Logic Bomb to Trigger some Activity that might deliver you a Heavy Payload or might lock your system or access your sensitive password. So Don’t Keep Your Password in such a place, from where it can be easily accessed or hacked. And Backup Your Data over Cloud such that it can be restored conveniently for you even after your data gets corrupted or deleted.

3) Think Before You Click:

Don’t Ever Click on any link sent to you in Mail’s Spam Section which may result in Data Breach. It could be a harmful virus that may get your system corrupted. Always check for Link that looks Shady and keep away from such Links. Even if it looks legitimate, just check the Link and Cross-Check it by Searching it on Google.

4) Use Public Computer and Public Network with Safety:

It is said that People usually saves their password whenever accessing their Google Account on Public Computers or Internet Café. It might lead your Account to have compromised. As people can use your Data to do potential damage to their haters with your name or do anything with your data.

5) Shop on Secure Websites Only:

Always Check for Websites Reviews if you are accessing them for the First Time. Don’t Shop on Websites without looking at their Privacy Policy, Refund Policy First. Use Cash on Delivery at all times. Some Websites offer extravaganza Deals to lure the Customers, you need to be safe at all times, whenever accessing such sites and they do legitimate-looking reviews that are fake and do not contains Cash on Delivery Option. Using Your Card as a Payment Option on such sites may lead to your Card Data being used as Inappropriately by Hackers.

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UDS LABS is a Data Security Firm, we provide assistance in all your problem regarding securing your Data. Our Aim is to Minimise much Cyber Crimes by Providing you Awareness Digitally.

UDS LABS is a Data Security Firm, we provide assistance in all your problem regarding securing your Data. Our Aim is to Minimise much Cyber Crimes by Providing you Awareness Digitally.

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